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Design Your Home's Exit (and Entry) Strategy!

Do you collect a pile of frequently used items on your dining table or in a entryway corner? I like to design a home #entry or #mudroom that is lifestyle-driven. What do you do with those regularly carried items when you walk into your home? Imagine having a "#dropzone" and storage "home" for everything that you use regularly!

Take a moment to think through your work week, your weekly hobbies, your exercise activities, your weekend, your grocery shopping, errands and any other weekly comings and goings. What do you carry in and out of your home? Go ahead, write a list.

Now plan out your #storage location for each of these items. I like to plan an #entryway and/or nearby storage area that allows you to walk in the door, immediately drop & place items in their "home". Design a storage plan that is organized, convenient, perhaps out of site, and attractive! Remember, the less visual #clutter, the better! You can use a storage cabinet or install a #builtincabinet! You can utilize baskets, bins, trays, drawers, shelves, hooks, walls & countertops!

Pre-planned areas will look neat AND help you stay #efficient, #organized and #peaceful because you've reduced that unsightly pile of stuff! (You know where it is!)

Happy designing #friends, we're here to help! #designhacks

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(Photo Credits: #Ikea, McGee & Co, Rachel Loewen/Houzz, Kirsten Francis)


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