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Is Hiring an Interior Designer Worth My Money?

Yes, a seasoned interior designer is worth your investment and here's why!

More than simply having "an eye for design", designers have knowledge and experience in guiding the Client through the right questions to install a beautiful, functional space. From the discovery of your taste and budget outline to furniture installation and trade management, having a knowledgeable Interior Designer working on your behalf enhances the often frustrating experience of renovation and interior furnishings & design.

Interior designers renovate and interior design with the end in mind - carefully crafting an aesthetic while coordinating furnishings, lighting, color palette, paint, wallpaper, art and materials. They can also assist in maximizing the space and creating a cohesive design. Designers will explore with the Client their desires for their space, aesthetic taste and budget outline toward the beginning of a project.

"I discuss how the Client intends to use their space and identify items that need handy storage. I want to design a usable space that allows the Client to thrive in their lifestyle" says interior designer Victoria Carter.

The verdict is in and hiring an interior design professional is a worthwhile investment as you enjoy and thrive in your finished space for years to come.


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